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SM7 - Radio Transmission Module - 300m

The SM7 radio transmitter receiver module is designed for radio data transmission in the un licensed 433 MHz or 868 MHz band with controlled output power from -20 to 10 dBm. The module is offered with a stub antenna equipped with an SMA connectore, SMA/SMA angle adapter and a concentric conductor (1.5 m long).

Input: RS485, RS232
Output: RF 433 / 868 MHz
Baud rate: 4800….19200 bit/sec
Transmission Distance: 300m
SM7 radio transmitter receiver module
Data Sheet

MR03 - Radio Transmission Module - 1500m

The MR03 radio transmission module converts RS-232 and RS-485 into a wireless radio signal with a transmission range of 1.5 km with transmission speed: 4800 – 115200 b/s Operation in the non-licensed band 869.4 – 869.65 MHz, 5 independent radio channels.

Output power: 500 mW
Transmission distance: 1500 m
Operation mode: Point-Point or Point – Multiple unique module address
Channels: 5
MR03 radio transmission module
Data Sheet

SM8 - GSM/GPRS Transmission Module

The SM8 GSM/GPRS transmission module is designed for GSM/GPRS radio communication with a device equipped with RS-232 serial interface.

GSM bands (900/1800/1900 MHz) data transmission  is carried out using the GPRS packet technique. Module programming is performed by means of SM8Config configuration software . In order to obtain a GSM connection, the SIM card is used in the module, with the option of public and static IP address. The module use TCP/IP protocol.
SM8 GSM/GPRS transmission module is
Data Sheet