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Flexinivo® FN 6

Level limit measurement Volumetric dosing controller

Mode of operation
Flexinivo FN6 combines the qualities of a vibration sensor from the Vibranivo series with the ability to detect varying filling levels. Measurement evaluation and control of the height adjustable unit is via a programmable logic controller.

Simple to use Reliable operation, not affected by awkward bulk materials, e.g. dusty, strong conductivity, dieelectricity, and so on
Measuring range up to 4.4 Metres
User-defined measuring points via flexible height adjustment



Height adjustable unit for level limit measurement of variable levels in volumetric dosing systems.

Mode of operation
Either a Vibranivo or Rotonivo sensor is attached to a motorised adjustable sliding unit. A very precise potentiometer provides an output signal of the position of the sliding unit. For analysis of the output, we can provide you with a custom made control unit.

Mechanically robust design made from stainless steel
Sliding unit with ball bearing and belt drive
Low maintenance operation