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Digital meter Programmer - PD15 - For N15, N15Z and N17Z

The PD15 programmer is designed to program digital indicators/meters N15, N15Z and N17Z within the windows 9x/2000/NT/XP environment.

The programmer enables: modification of meter parameters and digital indicator calibration.

Digital Indicator Programmer

PD14 Panel Meter Programmer

Designed to program parameters in LUMEL S.A. products.
• Enables the connection of LUMEL S.A. products to a PC through the USB interface.
• The device programming is carried out using the free PD11 and LPCon programs.
• PD11 and LPCon programs enable:
– change of device parameters,
– storage and readout set up parameters to the file
– configuration of any device with the MODBUS protocol (LPCon)
PD 14 Panel meter programmer
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