MTRX MICRON Retro-Reflective Single Beam Photocell

Single Beam Photocell

Retro-reflector single beam photocell MTRX Single-beam retro-reflection photocell, consisting of an active TX/RX and a retro-reflector (to be ordered separately). Ideal for installation as Muting sensor in palletising system and plants which handle regular objects. It has the advantage of simplified wiring.

  • Single-beam retro-reflection photocell
  • Dimension h x w x d (mm) 70 x 28 x 30
  • IP65 protection rating

  Micron M TRX A 1 Beam 1250912
  Micron Retro-reflector C3F8 - 1210221
  Micron M TRX B 1 Beam 1250913
  Micron M TRX A G 1 Beam 1250914
  Micron M TRX B G 1 Beam 1250915
  Micron Retro-reflector CD8 - 1210032
  Micron Retro-reflector C3F10 - 1210035