RE92 Dual Loop PID Controller

RE92-Dual Loop PID Controller with Webserver

The RE92 Dual Loop PID controller with data logging is designed for automatic process control, where tight control of the process variable is required. Each instrument provides a comprehensive display of the process measured value and setpoint. With user friendly programming interface either via key pad or software. Innovative SMART PID algorithm. Auto-tuning and “Gain Scheduling”. Control Signal Monitoring alarm. Signal Retransmission. Set Point Change Rate – Soft Start. Digital Filter. Automatic selection of PID parameters using unique SMART PID Technology: Self-acting and precise selection of PID settings, effective control algorithm, easy and simple solution for technical service, SMART PID technology minimises PV overshoot of setpoint. Configuration by means of keys or PD10 programmer and free delivered eCon program. Error signaling event messages. Single or Dual loop PID / Cascade / Feed Forward / Ratio Control / On-Off / Manual / Auto-tuning / Gain Scheduling.

  • Control Function: Dual loop, On/off , PID, PID step-by-step control (valve control) or PID of heating-cooling
  • Inputs: Universal measuring input 4...20mA/0...10Vdc/PT100/RTD/Thermocouple/Binary
  • Outputs: 4...20mA/0...10Vdc/NO Relay
  • Communication Protocol: RS-485 Modbus RTU Slave
  • Security: Password protection
  • Supply: 85...253 V a.c./ d.c.
  • Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 100 mm
  • Display: Color TFT 3,5’’
  • Data Logger: Logging on SD card (.csv files), ftp server , web server

Dual Loop PID Controller