Venturi Principle Air Flow Sensor

LDV1025-LDV1040 Venturi Principle Air Flow Sensor

DP Air Flow Sensor

In these sensors the air flow causes in the area of the reduced diameter a vacuum compared to the inlet pressure. This pressure difference is a measure for the flow rate. The influence of the absolute pressure and the air temperature on the flow volume is taken into account by integrated measuring elements. The sensors are installed "inline" in the pipe. No special measures for de-humidification and filtering of the compressed air are required. To achieve the specified deviations, straight inlet and outlet sections without steps must be provided. Outside the usual pressure ranges the consumption sensors also operate in the low pressure range with a limited functional scope.

  • Monitoring of pressure and temperature
  • Consumption measurement
  • Configurable via IO-Link
  • LDV 1025 GAPL (P11382) Line Size G1" Flow Range 3...420 Nm3/h
  • LDV 1040 GAPL (P11383) Line Size G1.5" Flow Range 5...750 Nm3/h

Differential Pressure Venturi Flowmeter

LDV 1025 GAPL G1" Venturi Flow Sensor Range 3...420 Nm3/h P11382
LDV 1040 GAPL G1.5" Venturi Flow Sensor Range 5...750 Nm3/h P11383