SDI 852 SDI 853 Magnetic Flow Sensor

Magnetic Flow Sensor for Conductive Liquids

The inline flow sensors SDI 852/853 offer a monitoring function as well as precise flow measurements in the range of 0...80 l / min with a measured error smaller than 2%. The flow rate is digitally depicted using a clear 3-digit, 7-segment display. The magnetic-inductive measuring system facilitates that this device i suitable for many different applications in the field of automating processes and workflows. Furthermore, a high degree of measuring accuracy is ensured. The magnetic-inductive measuring principle requires the electrical conductivity of the medium. Low limit values of 15 μS/cm for water or 10 μS/cm for other fluids still offer a broad function range. The combination of precise measuring system and small, compact design distinguishes the series SDI from other inline flow sensors. They are easy to install subsequently into existing configurations or offer a space-saving alternative for new constructions. Cooling and temperature control as well as metering circuits, for example in the field of water treatment, are precisely and accurately monitored. This is accomplished with a set point function as well as an analogue linear current and pulse output.

  • 24 V DC±10 %
  • Measurement error < 2%
  • Output 4...20mA or PNP Impulse Output
  • 0...80 l/min
  • Diameter Nominal DN 4÷20
  • Max. temperature of medium 60°C
  • P11322 SDI 853/1 GAPP
  • P11323 SDI 853/2 GAPP