APR-2200 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter

Differential Pressure Level Transmitter Direct & Remote Mount Seals

The transmitter with a direct diaphragm seal (connected to the positive measurement chamber) and a remote diaphragm seal (connected to the negative chamber) is recommended for hydrostatic measurements of: levels, densities, phase boundaries and pressure differences (with differentiated height of pulse source points*). In such a configuration, at ambient temperature changes, two opposite phenomena appear concurrently. Thermal expansion causes the change in the volume (and hence also the change in density) of the manometric fluid in the capillary, which results in a change of the hydrostatic pressure related to the vertical spacing of the seals. This phenomenon is counteracted by the elastic reaction of the diaphragm of the upper diaphragm seal, which is displaced by the change in volume of manometric fluid. Based on tests and experiments, the Aplisens transmitters are provided with carefully selected seal diaphragms, which guarantee compensation of the errors resulted from the ambient temperature changes. The best metrological results are obtained using assembly, which include DN 80, DN 100, A 109 and S-Comp diaphragm seals or S-Mazut, S-DIN and S-Clamp diaphragm seals with a diameter of at least 65 mm, where the length of the capillary is (1...1.3) × (vertical spacing of seals). It is recommended using identical diaphragm seals at the both upper and lower connection points.

  • 4...20 mA output signal + HART protocol
  • Accuracy 0,1%
  • Digital display
  • Atex Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Hastelloy C