MFM-MFP Liquid Guided Microwave 1m Max

Microwave Liquid Interface Level Sensor

The MFP and MFM level meter for continuous monitoring of various liquids allow measurement of the fill level in plastic or metal tanks of any size. The devices offer a high measurement precision. They work with numerous liquids such as water, oil or emulsions. Principle of measurement: The microwaves are “guided” along the rod – and are reflected at the surface of the medium. From this the sensor determines the fill level. No adjustment is necessary for various media. The devices are made of aluminium and AISI 316 Ti stainless steel and are suitable for ambient temperatures between – 20 and +70 °C. Additional devices are available for monitoring highly corrosive liquids with a coated probe and non-metallic thread. The fill level meters are available in sizes between 300 and 1100 mm in length. The sensors are equipped with a G3/4 thread and are connected via an M12 plug. The display shows the fill level either in cm or percentage value. You can program additional functions such as a fixed offset value or measuring range. The microwave level controllers of the MFC and MFK series respond to media contact at the tip of the sensor. They are especially insensitive to soiling and build-up. The devices of the MFK series are made of stainless steel and PTFE and are equipped with a G1/2 process connection. The sensors have a length of 40 mm. Thanks to their integrated electronics, no downstream amplifier is required. The sensors do not have to be adjusted to different media, and for containers made of plastic material, no earth connection is required. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the devices of the MFC series using a pushbutton. Thus, the sensors can distinguish between different layers of liquids (e.g. water and oil) in the containers allowing for an easy separation of liquids. The stainless steel and PTFE microwave sensors can be used for virtually all container types and sensor environments. They are also suited for use with powder or granules. The sensors are available with a length of between 120 mm and 1000 mm thus offering various different installation options.

  • 4...20 mA output signal
  • Continuous level measurement Water-based liquidss
  • Oil to Water Level Measurement
  • Probe surface coated for aggressiv media
  • 120 mm and 1000 mm