SAFELOCK Safety Interlock

Safety switch with guard locking and electromagnetic lock

Safelock is a safety switch utilised for the protection of personnel when opening doors leading to dangerous areas. It acts by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during dangerous scenarios. The solenoid locks and unlocks access to the dangerous area, guaranteeing safety until the danger has stopped.Safety and reliability in door-opening control Available models: SLK-M - Retention mechanism actuated by a spring and unlocked by ON current. Guard locking by spring force, release by applying voltage to the guard locking solenoid. SLK-E - Retention mechanism actuated by ON current and unlocked by spring. Guard locking by applying voltage to the guard locking solenoid, release by spring force.

  • 2006/42/EC: “Machine Directive”
  • Guard locking principle Closed-circuit current principle
  • IP67 protection rating

  Safelock SLK-M-P-2NC-24 Mechanical safety interlock with plastic actuator. 2 NC, feedback 1 NC 1290100
  Safelock SLK-M-M-2NC-24 Mechanical safety interlock with metallic. Actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC 1290102
  Safelock SLK-E-P-2NC-24 Electrical safety interlock with plastic actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC 1290104
  Safelock SLK-E-M-2NC-24 Electrical safety interlock with metallic actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC 1290106