AU SXM Type 2 Control Muting Photocells 1201711

Type 2 control unit with Muting for Ilion and Ulisse photocells

AU SXM control unit, with integrated Muting functions, for safety photocells Ilion and Ulisse, which can be combined to form a Type 2 safety system. Up to 4 photocells may be connected. The AU SXM interface works with 2 Muting sensors with contemporary logic and is equipped with

  • Muting Time-out selectable
  • Integrated Override with 2 operating modes selectable
  • Muting Enable input (enable muting)
  • EDM Feedback input for external contactors monitoring
  • Status signalling system
  • Guided-contact safey relay
  • Start/Restart interlock
  • EDM Feedback input for extra external contactors monitoring
  • Self test every 5 seconds