SVMR0-SVMR0U PLe-SIL3 Safety Speed Monitoring

PL e - SIL 3 safety speed monitoring interface 1100078 1100088

Enable inputs used, for instance, when monitoring the same axis, in different working phases, with more modules configured with different thresholds Faults are signalled by LED Fault and a PNP system status output. PNP status output indicating overspeed or underspeed thresholds crossing SV MR0 and SV MR0 U integrates:

  • SV MR0 - Safety speed monitoring relay for Overspeed and Zero speed control
  • SV MR0 U - Safety speed monitoring relay for Underspeed contro
  • Guided-contact safety relay
  • Selectable manual orAutomatic restart
  • EDM feedback input for external contactors monitoring
  • 2 inputs for PNP proximities switches
  • 3 front panel selectors allow configuration of the speed threshold