Capacitance Level Limit Switch

CN4000 Capanivo Capacitive Sensor for Solids

Capacitance Point Level limit switch for powder and bulk materials

Capanivo® 4000 Level limit switch for level limit detection in powder and bulk materials. Precise and reliable capacitive limit detection, constant even with varying material properties. Certified for hazardous locations (Dust Ex).

  • Simple installation and set up, no calibration required
  • Maintenance free, corrosion resistant, suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Reliable and easy to operate measurement principle
  • Housing Plastic: PA6 or Aluminum, IP66
  • Certificates: ATEX, IEC-Ex, TR-CU
  • Process Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C
  • Pressure Range: -1bar to +25bar
  • Sensitivity: DK value >1,6 - adjustable in 4 increments
  • Supply Voltage o/p: Relay SPDT 21..27V DC, PNP 20..40V DC, Relay DPDT 21..230V AC 21..45V DC
  • Process Connection: G 1", G 1,5", NPT 1 ¼", NPT 1 ½"
  • Process Connection Material:Plastic PPS (reinforced glass fibre), FDA listed, food grade material
  • Probe Material: Plastic PPS (reinforced glass fibre), FDA listed, food grade material
  • Switchable Signal Output: FSH / FSL is integrated as standard with all electronics
  • Signal delay: Adjustable time delay of the signal output is integrated with all electronics

Solids Capacitance Level Switch Ireland