FLD-32 “Flexi Watch” Thru-wall level Sensor

For limit sensing of liquid levels in non-conductive tanks (through a non-conductive wall of a vessel or pipeline)

Thru-wall level switches FLD–32 "Flexi Watch" are designed for indication of the presence of (conductive or non-conductive) liquids in glass or plastic vessels. The sensitivity and switching mode can simply be set up using the "programming" wire or magnetic pen, depending on the type of sensor used. The sensor housing is made of a flexible polyurethane material with a self-adhesive layer and holes for fastening bands.

  • Non Conductive Tank Level Limit Sensing
  • The sensor is equipped with a high-frequency technology, enabling reliable function even in case of adhering conductive media
  • Attached using self-adhesive a layer or special fastening bands
  • Configuration and setup using "programming" cable or magnetic pen
  • LED status indication