ULS-53 Ultrasonic level Switch

For limit non-contact level sensing of various liquid and bulk-solid materials in closed or open tank, vessels, sumps, reservoirs etc.

The ULS® ultrasonic level meters are compact measurement devices containing an ultrasonic transmitter and an electronic module. Using an transmitter, level meters transmit the series of ultrasonic pulses that spread towards the level surface. The transmitter receives reflected acoustic waves that are subsequently processed in the electronic module. Based on the period during which the individual pulses spread towards the level and back, this period is averaged by the electronics that performs temperature compensation and subsequently a conversion to an output. The output of the ULS sensor consists of a PNP transistor with an open collector or a two-state current switch 4 mA / 20 mA.

  • adjustment by two buttons or by magnetic pen
  • Optical state indication
  • Atex version for usage in explosive areas
  • Additional horn adapter improve measurement of problematic media (foamy levels, loose materials, etc