HT20IoT Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and humidity data logger for IoT applications

HT20/HT20ioT monitor has been designed to measure, monitor and record temperature and humidity. it is a perfect solution for any facilities where monitoring and recording such values are very important for the accuracy of the whole process (for example, in server rooms, drug and food warehouses, laboratories, museums or glasshouses). The data captured by HT20/HT20ioT is stored in the internal memory and then sent digitally to the user by the Ethernet (TCP/iP, FTP) or by use of MQTT protocoll (only for HT20ioT). in case of an emergency situation, the device immediately sends appropriate warnings via emails or via a website. An additional advantage of H20ioT is the possibility that it can be powered over the Ethernet. This feature is available in versions that are equipped with the Power over Ethernet system (PoE).

  • Emails
  • Messages on a dedicated website
  • Audible alerts
  • Measurement Archiving
  • Ethernet-MQTT interface