HT25 Multi Channel Data Logger

Data Logger

The HT25 recorder is a device designed to display and archive digital values from the connected devices via the RS-485 interface Modbus protocol). The recorder programming is possible with the built-in web server. The recorder has a 2x16 character LCD readout field and an LED display (4 characters). The device allows you to send e-mail messages informing about the current environmental parameters as well as events that cause exceeding the alarm values. The recorder is powered via Ethernet - PoE (Power Over Ethernet) or standard DC jack.

  • Alarm Emails
  • Monitoring up to 100 parameters from external devices through Modbus TCP/iP protocol
  • 8gB internal memory for recording of input signals (up to 16 parameters)
  • Measurement Archiving
  • RS-485 interface with ModBUS RTU protocol and MASTER or SlAVE mode