SM61 Modbus Data Logger SCADA Webserver

Modbus Data Logger Web Server

The SM61 data logger facilitates communication and archiving data in distributed measuring and control systems using Modbus. It can service remote analogue and binary inputs/outputs modules, measuring transducers, inverters, microcontrollers, recorders, display panels, HMI panels etc. There are available two serial ports to the communication. PORT 1 is for communication with PC computer and HMI panels (RS-485, RS-232, USB), PORT 2 is for communication with such Slave devices (RS-485). The SM61 data logger reads and archives data from devices equipped with protocol Modbus RTU and serial interfaces (RS-485 or RS-232). Data exchange with main computer is done through computer network (Ethernet) with the use of network protocols (TCP/IP, FTP). The data logger has an innovative configuration and data presentation interface which is user friendly. It has an ability to monitor and configure through SM61Config software and through web browser. The data logger features: - possibility of simultaneous connection of two Modbus TCP clients, - up to 1 GB FLASH memory, - readout of up to 2500 values from Slave devices. The exemplary use of SM61 data logger in a local computer

  • Readout up to 100 devices
  • 1 GB Flash memory
  • Historical trends
  • Data Archiving
  • Remote data capture