RPM Hz Pulse Counter

N30O Digital Pulse Meter Counter

Rail Mount Transducer for measuring D.C. Current and Voltages

The N30O meter is designed to measure pulses, frequency, rotational speed, period and worktime. The meter has 2 counter inputs to co-operate with an encoder. The meter counts also the actual and total value.

  • Measurement: Pulse Count, Hz, RPM , Timer, Period
  • Display: 3 Colour (Colour Alarms)
  • Input: 2 x Pulse Inputs
  • Input Voltage: 5...36Vdc Pulse Signals
  • Output: 4...20mA / 0...10Vdc
  • Alarm Output: 2 / 4 Relays
  • Output: OC, NPN Passive , 30 Vdc/30 mA
  • Auxiliary Supply: 24 V d.c./ 30mA
  • Communication: RS485 interface Modbus RTU Slave, RTU Master or Monitor
  • Supply: 85...253Vac/dc or 20...40Vdc
  • Math Functions: m2, √m, 1/m, 1/m2, √1/m
  • Linearization: 21 Point Curve
  • Programming: Via Keypad or RS485 Modbus interface using free eCon software
  • Dimensions: 96x48x93mm
  • Mounting: Panel with Optional Din Rail