EGE Opto Sensors & Amplifiers

URA-ULW-UBD-ULM-ULL-OKZ Optical Sensor & Amplifiers

The Opto Edge controller consists of an amplifier to which two fibre-optic cables of up to 10 m in length can be connected via a rapid action coupling. The first fibreoptic cable routes a send signal generated by the amplifier to a first optical converter , while the second fibre-optic cable returns a send signal detected by a second optical converter to the amplifier as a receiving signal. This receiving signal is processed further in the amplifier into an output control signal. The Opto Edge controller works with infra-red light which issues extremely short and fast impulse sequences which enable reliable recording of rapidly occurring processes, even in the presence of influences from external rays. The process control system which is determined by the user, as well as the design of the optical converter, demands a high degree of flexibility from the system.

  • Band-edge control
  • Band-crack detection
  • Turbidimetry
  • Through beam sensors
  • Opto position sensing