OD Infrared Temperature Detectors

EGE Infrared Temperature Detectors

Function and application Where conventional sensors would fail due to too high temperature, infrared detectors working on a non-contact principle can be used. They respond to the radiated heat of the hot materials. Compact units with optics are used for distances of 2 to 8 m from the object. For distances of only a few cm, heat-resistant light-conducting cables should be used for transmission. Infrared detectors ODM... detect energy radiated by a hot body in the near infrared range (1...3 μm). Energy absorbed within the spectral range determines detected temperatures. Optical and assessment electronics are situated in a stainless steel casing. O-ring gaskets ensure safe operation even in the presence of large temperature and humidity fluctuations. The plug connector is water tight to IP 68. If environmental temperatures exceed 70° C, an optical fibre cable can be used up to 250° C. This can be fitted with a supplementary optical system if required. In case of such applications, the optical fibre cable should be laid in protective tubes and not be frequently moved. The fibre cable fast-connector LLK-plug allows for fast and safe exchange. The infrared detectors are specified for different sensitivities. If the target temperature exceeds the sensitivity specified, the output of the detector will be activated.

  • Measuring range 50...2000 °C
  • Analog and switching output
  • Fibre-optic up to 350 °C
  • For heavy industry - IP 68
  • Output Switch NC/MO or 4...20mA