TN 553 EGE Temperature Switch

ProgrammableTemperature Switch

The compact models TN 552 GPP and TN 552/1 GPP have two independent adjustable switching points. The compact models TN 552 GAPP and TN 552/1 GAPP have one independent adjustable switching point and one scalable 4...20 mA analog output. The detecting range for fluids is from – 40 °C to +120 °C, the tolerance is 0.3 °C (0...80 °C). The compact models TN 552... offer a window function as an alternative to the standard limit monitoring. Additionally, the NO/NC output function is programmable. Transient temperature changes can be bridget with a switch-on / switch-off time delay. The push-buttons on the front of the sensor are used for programming the sensor functions. The programmed switching point and parameters are displayed and set by keyboard request. This function is possible while the sensor is measuring.

  • Programmable Temperature Swicth with 2 trips
  • Output PNP / Relay Swicth
  • TN 553/1 GPP P71021
  • Material:304ss or 316Lss
  • Measuring range – 40...+120 °C
  • Two switching points
  • Programable Hysteresis and Temperature Trip Point
  • Local Display
  • TN 553/1 GAPP P71022
  • TN 553/1 WP P71023
  • TN 552 GPP P71017
  • TN 552/1 GPP P71018
  • TN 552 GAPP P71019
  • TN 552/1 GAPP P71020