LI-24L - LI-24/Ex HART Rail-Mount Smart Temperature Transmitter

Rail-Mount Temperature Transmitter

The temperature transmitter LI-24L and LI-24/Ex are applicable to converting resistance of temperature or voltage of thermocouple sensor to standard current signal 4-20mA. The transmitters have two separate measuring channels enabling measurement of temperature difference, averange, averange with redundancy, max or min temperature. Transmitter has compensation of ambient temparature influence and compensation of thermocouple cold junction using internal/external (Pt100) sensor or constant temperature. Most of parameters such as: sensor type, measuring range, current alarm signal when electric circuit is broken, output characteristic correction, user characteristic (60 points) are programmed using PC with HART/USB converter and Raport 2 configuration software. For request Aplisens can set temperature transmitter parameters like measuring range, type of sensor. Their values are printed on label. Transmitter for rail mounting (TS-35).

  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Programmable sensor type
  • Programmable measuring range
  • Thermoresistance line compensation
  • Cold Junction Compensation
  • Output signal 4…20mA + Hart protocol
  • ?ATEX certificate (LI-24/Ex)