P30U Display Transducer Logger DC Signals

Rail Mount Transducer for Analogue Signals

P30U transducer is designed to convert temperature, resistance, standard voltage and current signals into a standard DC voltage or DC current signal. The output signal is galvanically isolated from the input signal and the power supply. P30U has programmable measurement and additional functions. Programming parameters can be realized with the use of buttons, via RS-485 interface and free e-con software or Ethernet or any web browsers via Ethernet interface.

  • Input: Universal - V d.c, mA, RTD, mV, T/C, RS485 Modbus Master or Monitor
  • Output: 4...20mA or 0...10Vdc defined below re-transmission
  • Alarm Output: Max 2 x NO Contacts
  • Supply: 85...253Vac/dc or 20...40Vdc
  • Math Functions: SQRT Square Root Extraction Flow Measurement, Square of the measured value, Inverse of the measured value, Inverse square of the measured value ,Inverse square root of the measured value.
  • Linearization: 21 Point Curve
  • Communication: RS485 interface Modbus RTU Slave, RTU Master or Monitor
  • IOT: Ethernet, www.ftp, TCPIP
  • Data Logging: 4MB internal or 4GB external with optional SD/SDHC card
  • Programming: Via Keypad or RS485 Modbus interface using free eCon software
  • Firm Ware: Upgradeable by the user
  • Dimensions: 45x120x100 mm
  • Mounting: Din Rail

P30U Rail Mount Display Logger Transducer