STS-ST ATEX Flow Switch | EGE-Elektronik Spezial Sensoren GmbH

ATEX Flow Switch EGE Liquid/Gas

Thermal Flow Switch ATEX Rated

The EGE ATEX Flow Switch models STS-ST-STEX-LC. The function of the flow controller is based on the thermodynamic principle. The sensor is heated internally, a few degrees °C compared to the medium into which it projects. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is conducted away by the medium, i. e. the sensor cools down. The temperature within the sensor is measured and compared to the temperature of the medium. The state of flow can be derived for each medium by the temperature difference attained.

  • Ex Atex category: 1G, 1G/2G, 2G ,1D, 2D, 3G, 3D
  • Ex Gas Zone: Zone 0 / Zone 1 / Zone 2 (Gas)
  • Ex Dust Zone: Zone 20 / Zone 21 /Zone 22 (Dust)
  • Ex Extended range: 120°C
  • Certificate No: TÜV 98 ATEX 1298 X / TÜV 97 ATEX 1218
  • Voltage: 24Vdc or Supply from SZA Amplifier
  • Output: SZA Amplifier / SPDT Relay / 4...20mA

EGE Atex Flow Switch