RFLS-35 HF Level Sensor | Dinel

RFLS-35 HF Level Sensor Dinel

RFLS-35 HF Liquid Level Switch Sensor Dry Run Pump Protection

The Dinel RFLS–35 high-frequency level sensor is designed for industrial use, level limit sensing of liquid and paste-like media. The high-frequency level sensor may be a direct replacement of a vibrating level sensor, or of a capacitance level sensor in the case of a more demanding application. The media may be electrically conductive or non-conductive with any permittivity. It can be installed in metal or plastic tanks, pipes, filling tanks, sumps, etc. It is mainly designed for mounting into the wall of a tank or pipe, in which the actual detection of the level will take place. The sensor works in the high frequency band, enabling reliable detection of the level of media, and eliminating deposits or foam on the electrode. The sensor suppresses the influence of deposits of viscous media (ketchup, yoghurt, pastes, syrups, jams and jellies, creams, soap) as well as electrically conductive adhesive products (detergents, alkalis, chemicals). Likewise, it is possible to utilize it to differentiate a specific media from others - the "Medium window" function. E.g. it can differentiate oil from water and air, detect only beer foam and ignore beer and air,etc. Excellent for dry run pump protection. The sensor is made from a stainless steel housing at one end terminated by a sensing electrode, and terminated at the other and by an ending with a status indicator, control elements and electrical connection. There are next performances available: N – For normal atmospheres, Xi – Explosion proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous (explosive) areas. XiM – Explosion proof – intrinsically safe for use in mines with methane or flammable dust presence danger (see technical specifications).

  • Dry Run Pump Protection
  • Resistant to adhesion of viscous and sticky media
  • Input: High stability at high sensitivity (possible to use for substances with εr ≥ 1.5)
  • Output: PNP or NAMUR
  • Supply: 7....34Vdc
  • IP Rating: 67/68
  • Set using magnetic pen
  • Direct mounting into tanks
  • Replacement for vibrating level sensor
  • Ignores Foam and Build up

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