400 / 500 EGE Thermal Flow Sensor Series

Thermal Flow Sensor Series for Liquids & Gas

The function of the flow controller is based on the thermodynamic principle. The sensor is heated internally a few degrees °C compared to the medium into which it projects. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is conducted away by the medium, i. e. the sensor cools down. The temperature within the sensor is measured and compared to the temperature of the medium. The state of flow can be derived for each medium by the temperature difference attained. On the basis of this functional principle EGE manufactures flow monitors for liquid and gaseous media. The sensitivity of thermodynamic flow monitors depends on the thermal characteristics of a medium. The detection range of a standard sensor for oil, for example, is three times as great than for water and for air is approx. 30 times greater than for water due to the reduced heat conductivity. Unless stated otherwise, the technical sensor data are specified for water.

  • Probes high temperature 120 °C Series ST
  • Compact models with analog output Series SNS 450 / SN 450< 2%
  • Inline-Compact Series SDN / SDNC / SDNC with IO-Link
  • Special-Probe Food / Pharma Series SCB / STB / STC
  • Compact models screw-on mounting Series LNZ 450