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ReeR SpA was established in 1959 and is the leading safety and automation manufacturer of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety. If safety in the workplace is essential, it becomes crucial in highly automated environments. Thanks to the experience achieved by cooperating with the world leading companies in the machine tools, automotive, packaging and palletisation industries, ReeR is able to offer a wide range of safety devices, such as: light curtains, programmable controllers, photocells and interfaces able to meet each application demand. ReeR has always been at the forefront also in the field of optoelectronic curtains for automation, measurement and control.. ReeR SpA offers a wide range of safety sensing solutions:

EOS2 safety Light Curtains

EOS4 safety Light Curtains

Micron measurement and automation light curtains

Mosaic modular safety controller

Safety Interface

ADSR safety relays

RFID safety sensor

Safety photocell

Reer Safety Catalogue