Flow 38B Batch Flowmeter | Comac Cal

Flow 38B Batch Flowmeter

Volume Dosing Flow Meter Controller

The Flow 38 Batch works in conjunction with an electromagnetic flowmeter. It allows th eproces operator fill a predefined batch volume of liquid to a process vessel/tank. The Comac Cal Flow 38B Batch will recieve pulses from the flow senor with defined pulse weighted volume. The operattor can define the batch volume by turning a rotart swicth on teh front of the controller The green push button triggers a relay output to open a valve and starts flow. As flow occurs the sensor sends pulses to the Flow 38B which counts the volume. Once the pre defined volume is reach the Flow 38B closes the valve via relay and stops flow. The red emergency stop button can be used to stop flow at any time during the batch. If the batch has been paused, the entire incomplete batch is zeroed and the unit is ready for restarting the batch again from the beginning using the green button. This allows the user to readjust batch volumes mid process.

  • Design: Stand Alone batch controller (PLC Not Required)
  • Output: 2 x Relay (250V, 10A rating)
  • Supply: 230Vac
  • Design: Robust and easy operation
  • Display: LC batch size and current total

Flow 38B Batch Volume Flowmeter Comac Cal