Type 63-4R Dosing Flow Control Valve | GSR Valve Technology GmbH

Type 63-4R Dosing Control Valve

2/2-Way seat valve with control cone and electropneumatical positioner

The Type 63-4R Valve is ideal for dosing and flow control applications where control of liquid or gas is required. The valve contains a built-in electro-pneumatic positioner which accepts either 4...20mA or 0...10Vdc input.

  • Ideal for continuous media control
  • Even in higher temperature ranges
  • High dosing accuracy
  • High control accuracy
  • Three safety-setting-options(open/closed/remain)
  • No additional electronics required for adjustment
  • Signal 4...20mA/0...10Vdc
  • Process Temperature -40°C...+150°C
  • Viscosity 600mm²/s

Type 63-4R Dosing Valve GSR Valve Technology GmbH & Co.KG