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Cryogenic Polar Series Inductive Proximity Sensor

Polar Series Inductive Proximity Switch

The POLAR-switch is ideal for application in cold storage houses and in extreme climate conditions. It is waterproof, safe for cleaning and extremely chemical-resistant. Because of its stainless steel housing, it can withstand vibrations on vehicles. The POLARswitch is very compact and robust, it can be used from – 60 °C to +60 °C. IGMP 030 S-80 sensors are suitable in cryogenic processes and for medicaltechnical applications; they can be used for temperatures up to – 80 °C.

  • IP 68 Water-proof
  • IP 69 Resistant to high pressure cleaning
  • M12 / M18 / M30
  • 2...15nf
  • PTFE / AISI 316 Ti
  • –60°C Standard Polar Series
  • –80°C Permanent Temperature with amplifier

Polar Series Cryogenic Inductive Proximity