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RFLS-53 High Frequency Level Switch Solids

HF Level Switch Solids

The RFLS-53 sensor measurement principle is high frequency capacitance. This means that the sensor reacts to the mass of material and ignores the deposits and remnants of material that remain on the measuring part - the active surface of the sensor. Thus, the sensor can be used in demanding applications to indicate powder, dust and hygroscopic materials and can replace mechanical rotary level switches or standard capacitive level switches. Measured materials include: pellets, wood chips, sawdust, granulates, cereals, sand, gravel, flour, cement, fine mineral powders, metallic powders.

  • RFLS-53 high-frequency capacitive measurement principle
  • Supply: 24Vdc, 95...230Vac
  • Output: PNP, Relay or SSR
  • Process -20°C... +60°C
  • IP65

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