UWT Gmbh

UWT Gmbh Level Instrumentation

Level Switch & Level Transmitter

UWT Gmbh is your expert partner in Ireland for measuring solutions for all types of industries and we develop individual, tailor-made solutions for client applications. Customers around the world value our flexibility and the consistently high quality of our sensors. Under the UWT motto "Solutions", the expert team within UWT consistently designs and develops with complete dedication new and innovative solutions for level measurement technology. This technology is characterised by long life and high reliability in line with the principle 'install and forget'. UWT offers a wide range of measuring solutions:

  • Rotonivo® Rotary paddle switch
  • Vibranivo® Vibration fork
  • Mononivo® Vibration rod
  • Capanivo® Capacitive sensor
  • RFnivo® Capacitive sensor
  • NivoBob® Lot mechanical level sensor
  • NivoRadar® Radar sensor
  • NivoCapa® Capacitive sensor
  • Interface measurement liquids & Solids
  • NivoTec® Level monitoring and visualisation

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