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RE72 PID Controller

3 Output 48x48 PID Controller

The RE72 is a single loop PID controller designed for automatic process control, where tight control of the process variable is required. The measuring input is universal for resistance thermometers (RTD), thermocouple sensors (TC), or for linear standard signals. The controller has three outputs enabling the two-step control, step-bystep three-step control, three-step control of heating-cooling type and alarm signaling. The two-step control is acc. to the PID or ON-OFF algorithm. The innovative SMART PID algorithm has been implemented in the controller.

  • Control Function:On/off , PID, PID step-by-step control (valve control) or PID of heating-cooling type, Soft Start
  • Inputs: Universal measuring input 4...20mA/0...10Vdc/PT100/RTD/Thermocouple/Binary
  • Outputs: 4...20mA/0...10Vdc/Relay (NO Contact)
  • Communication Protocol: RS-485 Modbus RTU Slave
  • Security: Password protection
  • Supply: 20...40 Vac/Vdc or 85...253 Vac/Vdc
  • Dimensions: 48x48x93 mm
  • Display: 2x4digit LED Red and Green
  • Customisation program development and function testing

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