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Vibranivo VN 4000 Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Vibrating Fork Solids Level Switch

The vibrating fork Vibranivo® VN 4000 level switch is used in storage and process vessels as a full, demand, and empty detector in many dry and free-flowing bulk solids. The extension length enables the probe to withstand high mechanical loads. Its stainless steel probe extension allows the vibrating fork to work in a variety of aggressive environmental conditions.

  • Measurement principle Vibration (Fork)
  • Point level measurement
  • Medium Solids
  • Process temperature -40°C … +150°C
  • Process pressure -1 bar...+16 bar
  • Minimum sensitivity >30 g/l
  • Atex
  • FDA Food/Drug Grade

VN4000 Vibrating Fork Level Switch UWT Gmbh