News Capanivo® CN 7000 Capacitance level switch for LIQUIDS - Honey

Watch the Video explains the use in honey prone to heavy build up

The CN7 is a pocket-size sensor. Compact and flexible the level limit switch works with both metallic and non-metallic containers. The electrodes in the sensor form a capacitor. If the measured product comes into contact with the sensor, the capacitance changes and the electronics converts it into a switching signal.

Smart versions for different media work with the integrated "Tip Sensitivity" technology, which guarantees a high level of functional reliability even for products that tend to buildup or cake.

DK value honey = 24
Sensor switches once in contact with the honey
Sensor switches back even when coated with honey  
The capacitive level switch Capanivo® CN 7000 switches correctly in the honey, build up on probe is ignored. 

Features of the Capanivo® CN 7000 at a glance:

• Compact 2-wire sensor
• "Inverse Frequency Shift" technology
• Use in metallic and non-metallic containers
• Integrated cable, enclosure and synthetic version available
• Very high sensitivity (DK value ≥1.5)
• Temperature solutions from -30°C to +100°C
• Robust version for overpressure up to 10 bar
• For strong caking media
• Optional PVDF probe
• SensGuard cover
• For interface measurement
• WHG certification & acc. Lloyd's Register


News Flow sensor SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN

Flow sensor SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN

• Monitoring of flow pulses
• Suitable for short dispensing cycles in minimal
• Detects small amounts of dosing quantity
• Sensitivity adjustable
• Switching output PNP-NO

The SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN is a thermal flow sensor, which detects smallest dispensing volumnes. 
It responds to the set in of the flow of a fluid, for example caused by the actuation of a dosing piston.

• Sensitivity adjustable by potentiometer
• Switch-off delay adjustable by potentiometer up to 10 seconds
• LED signal when puls detected
• Operation indication with green LED
• Usable with many mediums


News HT25 Multichannels data logger/recorder

Multichannels data logger/recorderMultichannels data logger/recorder

Watch The Video

HT25 has been designed to monitor 100 parameters from 10 separate devices. As a Master in the Modbus network,
it can monitor and record various values e.g. temp., humidity, power, energy or level of the environment pollution. 
Thanks to the measuring universality and a small housing it is a perfect solution for any facilities like e.g. 
industrial, residential, commercial, server rooms, medicines and food storages, laboratories, or. the museums.


Access to the current data can be available through any web browser  using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
HT25 has also two displays-on the front and side panel, which can be programmed by the user to indicate monitored values.
The data captured by HT25 is stored in the internal memory and then sent digitally to the user (by the Ethernet). 
In case of an emergency situation, the device immediately sends appropriate warnings via emails or via a website.
An additional advantage of HT25 is the possibility that it can be powered over the Ethernet.

Product characteristic

• monitoring up to 100 parameters from Slave devices (10 devices 10 registers each) through MODBUS TCP/IP
• 8 GB of internal memory for recording of input signals (up to 16 parameters)
• RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol and Master or Slave mode
• 4 measuring channels dedicated for data read-out from P18S, P18 or P18D temperature and humidity transducers
• RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol and Master or Slave mode
• 2 logical alarm outputs
• input for measuring wind speed from anemometr
• Ethernet interface enabling its connection to the local or global network (either LAN or WAN)
• FTP server easy access to archive data files 
• Alarm emails



News MICRON Light curtains for measurement, automation and control

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Light curtains for industrial and civil applications where it is necessary to detect,measure, and recognise objects.
Depending on the number and position of the beams engaged by an object, Micron can provide real time information to a PLC or PC in order to: detect the presence or absence of objects, perform a count, detect a position, detect ashape or a profile, measure dimensions.
Models MI AV: equipped with two analog outputs (0/10 VDC) with programmable functions and two programmable digital outputs.
Models MI AC: equipped with two analog outputs (4/20 mA) with programmable functions and two programmable digital outputs.
Models MI B: equipped with an RS 485 serial interface with programmable functions and two programmable digital outputs.
Models MI C: equipped with two antivalent solid state outputs.

MicronConfigurator software for PC, with graphic user interface, is supplied with each light curtain (models A and B only). Models A and B are provided with an M5 4-pole connector for parameter configuration and monitoring ofthe light curtain.
Beams spacing available: 5, 10, 25, 30 , 50 and 75 mm.

Controlled heights: 150 mm ... 3000 mm - models with beams spacing 10, 25, 30, 50, 75 mm; 150 mm ... 1500 mm - models with beams spacing 5 mm.

Max. range:

• 2,5 m - models with beams spacing 5 mm
• 6 m - special models with beams spacing 25, 50, 75 mm for automatic warehouses
• 10 m - models with beams spacing 10, 30 mm
• 18 m - models with beams spacing 25, 50, 75 mm 

Connections with M12 connectors. Possibility of connection of up to 3 Micron B light curtains as nodes of an RS-485 serial line for simultaneous detection of multiple dimensions and complex measurements.


News Smart differential pressure transmitter APR-2000 ALW

Smart differential pressure transmitter APR-2000 ALW

• 4…20 mA, 0…20 mA or 0…5 mA output signal + HART protocol
• Display with backlight
  SIL 2 certificate
• Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
• PED Conformity (97/23/EC)
• Programmable zero range, shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys


News ULTRASONIC Level Transmitter/Meter ULM-70

For continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk-solid materials

• Quick view measured values on the display
• Advanced intelligent signal processing
  Mapping of false reflections
• Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX)
• Current output (4 ... 20 mA), HART®, RS-485 Modbus/RTU


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